Tuesday, December 29, 2015



Had a weird dream
Got lost in the woods at a funeral.
The rain it poured.
The sun it didn't shine.
Don't know if the funeral
Was someone else's or mine.

Had a weird dream,
The same one really.
I know that may sound kind of silly.
Lost my car in a parking lot
Some five hundred or so miles long,
That was one hell of a camouflaged parking spot,
I must have parked it very wrong.
Or perhaps my feeble mind forgot.
Helped a young man and his girlfriend
Find their car when I found mine at last,
Only to find myself low on gas.

Not only was the dream scary,
The dream was downright strange,
There was one lone alpaca,
Who sat up, shook my hand,
And addressed me by my name.
He was no help with the cars though,
For he was too distraught,
It was a funeral after all,
And he was laden with sorrow.
He is a pack animal first and foremost,
Perhaps an usher at the funeral,
A minister or a host.
He sat there and wept,
While we slipped away on the road to ruin,
Come back to me with a meaning,
My dear sweet Carl Jung.

Had a weird dream
Got lost in the woods at a funeral.
Sure wish the rain had stopped and the sun had shone,
That I hadn't felt so all alone.
Wish I knew what it was all about,
For it's left me feeling down and out.
Perhaps even a bit annoyed,
Ideas, Mr. Sigmund Freud?

-Bruce Potts
Copyright 2015


  1. I love a poem that makes me cry, laugh, and contemplate - simultaneously.

  2. Parkinson's is such a cruel disease. I'm in awe of your ability, even when going through its machinations, to find and share your emotions (even humor!?!)so beautifully through your poetry, Bruce.

  3. I see you haven't been posting much either. I've had the muse visit me a lot lately.

  4. Yeah, I have pretty intentionally retired from blogging, Not enough people reading the 500+ poems already on here. Thanks for alerting me to some of your new posts!

  5. Very sorry to hear this, Bruce. Also sorry to discover that this comment of yours was posted quite a few days ago. I I wonder how many other folks are as discombobulated as I am by having so many various social media sources to which they can (and theoretically should!) connect more often then they do. This is a very real downside to having so many media sources now. I would much rather read some of your poems then watch cat or dog videos. Granted, cat and dog videos can be pretty awesome. But it's sad to realize I might sit and watch five of those in a row, but the smiles and escape from today's disheartening news headlines the cat videos bring me don't even come close to the experience just one or two lines of one of your poems could bring me. 😟

  6. Thanks Debra, for the kind words! Obviously I would write again for writing's sake if I found something really inspiring to write about. But there are poems already on here that have zero views, so I know I'm not exactly in demand, and if folks really want more poems from me, I think they can find them here!